Revive Home Introduces Exclusive Online Store For Antique Look & Vinatge Texture Home Decor Enthusiast

Revive Home Introduces Exclusive Online Store

New Delhi (India), August 28: Revive Home, the renowned transcontinental antique look and vintage texture home decor retailer, is set to expand its services for shopping enthusiasts with its exclusive online store. Following a trailblazing track record of serving countless European and North American customers, the antique-look curio brand is set to disrupt the e-commerce world, offering its one-of-a-kind array of collectables online. 

Behind the robust online expansion lies Revive Home’s unique strategy of reaching a wide range of buyers. As a result, the company will be able to tap not just into people across geographies but also generations, given that, much like the traditional curio collectors, the new-age consumers, who are internet-savvy, are slowly waking up to the appeal of classic bibelots. Moreover, with this initiative, the company is introducing the art of collecting products with antique look & vintage texture, an erstwhile urban hobby, even in remote parts of India, thus democratising the pride of possessing beautiful old-styled knick-knacks. Also, an online presence will help Revive Home better leverage the latest marketing avenues and allow them to use website traffic to improve our portfolio.

While sharing the thought behind the online store, Sangeeta, the Founder of Revive Home, delineated the brand ideology. She said, “We are thrilled to announce Revive Home’s new undertaking: the exclusive online store, which will connect antique collectors all over the world. Online shopping is the rage of the hour, and the beauty and elegance of antiques are timeless, making our undertaking of launching the online store the perfect match for the modern lovers of curio. Additionally, the foray into e-commerce will help us capitalise further on our core brand ideology: marrying the classic look of antiques into contemporary aesthetics.

She added, “The online store speaks to the fact that we have come a long way within just a few months since our inception in 2023. We initially were focused on traditional antique markets such as the USA and Europe, but as we are expanding and with the advent of the online store, our enviable collection will now be available across regions, however remote they might be. When we began, we found a major gap in the market. People who deemed the object valuable didn’t have access to it, and the artisans and others with access to the piece of art hardly knew of its substantial value. This is where we stepped in to thrive. Lastly, we reckon that an antique object holds within it not just cultural heritage but also the dwindling craftsmanship and a piece of our history, which is why we at Revive Home are so passionate about what we do because, in a way, we are contributing to the preservation of our culture. Encapsulating our modus operandi stands our brand tagline: Where Culture Resides, and Heritage Thrives.

Brought up in Ajmer, Sangeeta represents the quintessential face of a bootstrap start-up. Coming from a middle-class background, she braved many obstacles when she came to Delhi as an aspiring entrepreneur until she cracked some lucrative deals with international companies in 2002 for quality control and sourcing. Attesting to her business acumen, the quality control and sourcing initiative currently serves over 16 major global companies, including Walmart and TXMAX. Moreover, today, her vision guides not just the growth story of Revive Home but also that of Amoli Concepts, a lifestyle brand that she founded in 2019. Holder of an MBA from the prestigious Rajasthan University, Sangeeta is an esteemed Federation of Buying Agents in India member and a governing member of Women of Noida. She is also engaged in philanthropy and aspires to empower economically disadvantaged girls.

Revive Home presents a curated assortment reflecting India’s heritage, incorporating art, sustainability and culture, transcending boundaries, honouring traditions, empowering artisans, and inviting cultural rediscovery. With Sangeeta’s stewardship and ambitious steps, such as opening the online store, the brand is a veritable trendsetter in the market. 

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