Counsel India and Medhavi Skill University join hands to Foster Skill Development Opportunities, Unveils Pragati 2024

New Delhi (India), January 10: The event is followed by a Partnership Launch and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Counsel India and Medhavi Skill University have launched Pragati 2024, a collaborative approach that aims to shape the future of skill development. The grand event was held at the Hotel Holiday Inn and witnessed distinguished guests and industry leaders. 

The ceremony commenced with a ceremonial Lamp Lighting, symbolizing the enlightenment that Pragati 2024 aims to bring to the education and skill development landscape.  

In the impactful inaugural ceremony, Mr. Shivam Dixit, Co-founder and CEO of Counsel India said, “The collective efforts of over 350 dedicated individuals within Counsel India, turning challenges into opportunities and delivering exemplary services since past seven years of expertise have resulted in forming a community of 150,000 learners across various countries, transforming the organization’s vision into reality through practical knowledge”.  

Mr. Kuldip Sarma, Co-founder & Pro-Chancellor of MSU said, “In launching this model, our collaboration with industry giants such as Aditya Birla, Apollo, ITC, Crown Plaza, TATA, and more has been crucial. We commend Counsel India for its dedicated work in guiding, counselling, and psychology within this sector. Their structured approach stands out in contributing to national building, transcending the scale of institutions. Over the 11-year journey of Medhavi, we’ve been fortunate to have mentors, and we express gratitude for their guidance and support.  

In his virtual keynote address, Mr. Ved Mani Tiwari, CEO of the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) & Managing Director of NSDC International, offered a visionary perspective, emphasizing the imperative shift towards skill development in education. Congratulating MSU and Counsel India on their partnership, he underscored the need for education to align with the dynamic changes in workplaces, as outlined in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. Mr. Tiwari highlighted a pivotal projection from an NSDC study, indicating that by 2047, every fourth global workplace participant will be from India during the transformative “Amrit kaal” period. This aligns to significantly contribute to global national productivity. With 45% of global participants now in India, Mr. Tiwari stressed the crucial role of counsellors in guiding students to recognize and refine their skills for both local and global opportunities. 

The event featured Mr. Robin Hibu, IPS, Special Commissioner of Police, Delhi Armed Police, who shared his valuable insights and secret mantra to keep this body fit. He also shared the journey of his life and the struggle he faces but even today not taking a single pill brought enthusiasm into the young blood and encouraged them to stay fit.  

Hibu’s life story mirrors a narrative of triumph against all odds, culminating in his illustrious career as an IPS officer. As an IPS officer, Robin Hibu’s tenure is an embodiment of unwavering dedication to duty and the service of the nation. His commitment to maintaining law and order, advocating for justice for marginalized communities, and fostering communal harmony has been exemplary. 

Beyond the call of his professional duty, Hibu’s initiatives have transcended conventional roles, aiming to empower underprivileged communities and effect positive societal change. The trajectory of Robin Hibu’s life, from adversity to the esteemed role of an IPS officer, is not merely a personal triumph but a beacon of hope for countless individuals. His journey stands as a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment in the face of adversity—an inspiration for generations. His narrative resonates as a testament to the indomitable human spirit and serves as a guiding light for those pursuing their dreams. 

Devender K Saini, the Chief Strategic Advisor of Counsel India, points out that the current mental health landscape is at a critical juncture. He justified his statement by stating a survey conducted by the Indian Psychiatry Society revealed a 20% increase in poor mental health since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.   Furthermore, he mentioned that The World Health Organization estimates India’s economic loss due to mental health disorders at US$ 1.03 trillion. 

The global pandemic has exacerbated existing mental health issues, magnified stressors, and triggered new challenges. The increasing recognition of mental health’s importance, however, presents a silver lining—an acknowledgement that action is needed. 

He mentioned that India needs about 15 lakh Counsellors for schools and over 50 lakh Counsellors to address mental health issues. We have 1 psychologist and 3 counsellors per 1 lakh population. It is here that he emphasized the need for widespread advocacy efforts to destigmatize mental health. He sees an opportunity to create accessible online platforms, teletherapy services, and innovative tools that democratize mental health support.  

Encouraging collaboration among stakeholders—government bodies, healthcare providers, NGOs, and technology experts—can lead to holistic and sustainable solutions. Devender K Saini’s insight underscores the urgent need to address mental health challenges while championing innovative approaches. His vision advocates for a future where mental health is prioritized, accessible to all, and supported by a comprehensive ecosystem of care. Through concerted efforts and strategic initiatives, Saini envisions a society where mental wellness is a fundamental aspect of overall well-being. 

In a show of gratitude, the guests received an acknowledgement, and Mr. Bobby Thakur, Founder and Executive Chairman of Counsel India, expressed appreciation through a Vote of Thanks, bringing the event to a triumphant close. “Congratulations to all for uniting on this occasion as we commence a transformative journey, reshaping the collaboration between Counsel India and MSU. We sincerely thank our distinguished guests for gracing the event and contributing significantly. As we embarked on this journey, Mr. Bobby extended his heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended and joined in the spirit of the occasion”. 

Mr. Lalramsanga Sailo, IRS, Secretary, Labour Employment Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of Mizoram, Dr. Pramod Mehra, Professor at IGNOU, Delhi, Dr. Dipender Singh Chauhan from the Department of Education, Haryana, and Ms. Shipra Sharma, Sr. Training Manager at Counsel India, shared their insights in front of the gathering. 

Pragati 2024 stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in shaping the future of education and skill development.


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