Aspect Group to Expand Culinary Footprint with Acquisition of Radio Bar, Nom Nom and Estella, Unveiling Lucrative Franchise Opportunities

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], January 16: In a strategic move poised to reshape the landscape of the culinary industry, Aspect Hospitality, under the umbrella of Aspect Group, proudly announces its acquisition of a 100% stake in the renowned Mumbai-based restaurants, Radio Bar, Nom Nom and Estella. With this acquisition, Aspect Group will solidify its commitment to culinary excellence and global expansion, setting the stage for an array of franchise opportunities across India and beyond.

Aspect Hospitality is poised to elevate the revered legacies of Radio Bar, Nom Nom and Estella by extending a golden opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs and ardent gastronomes. Through a meticulously crafted franchise model, the Group intends to offer comprehensive support, mentorship, and a robust operational framework to franchisees, ensuring a seamless and triumphant launch of these iconic epicurean havens in new, untapped markets.

Radio Bar, a stalwart in Mumbai’s culinary milieu, is a cherished haven that amalgamates a kaleidoscope of delectable cuisine, artisanal cocktails, and an ambiance that pulsates with infectious energy. Its allure lies in the harmony of vibrant music, an inviting atmosphere, and an assortment of meticulously crafted offerings that cater to the discerning palates of its patrons, rendering it an indispensable part of the city’s cultural fabric.

Meanwhile, Nom Nom has etched its place as a pioneering force in contemporary Asian gastronomy. With an unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of pan-Asian flavors and delivering impeccable service, Nom Nom has ensnared the hearts and taste buds of diners seeking a symphony of authenticity and innovation in Asian cuisine, emerging as a beacon of culinary ingenuity.

Estella, nestled in the heart of the city and overlooking the majestic Arabian Sea, is celebrated for its exclusive open-to-the-sky luxury beach bar experience. With an eclectic menu featuring international cuisine, an extensive selection of global wines, and a fusion of Asian, Continental, and grill cuisines, Estella has consistently offered an unparalleled culinary journey. Estella has seamlessly woven itself into Mumbai’s cultural scene, becoming an essential thread in the city’s culinary narrative.

Aspect Group’s acquisition of Radio Bar, Nom Nom and Estella heralds a momentous journey toward the global proliferation of these culinary bastions. The Group’s avant-garde franchise program presents a comprehensive solution, encompassing every facet of establishing and operating these esteemed restaurants. This program ensures that franchisees receive unparalleled guidance, resources, and expertise, empowering them to replicate the resounding success and allure of Radio Bar, Nom Nom and Estella in diverse locations worldwide.

We are ecstatic to embark on this thrilling journey, expanding the reach and influence of Radio Bar, Nom Nom and Estella. Our goal is to provide a pathway for passionate entrepreneurs to partner with us in delivering exceptional dining experiences, leveraging the storied legacy and reputation these establishments have earned over the years. Please visit for more information.

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