In Conversation with Shreh Madan, Co- Founder and Head of Marketing at Burgrill India

Q1: Can you provide an overview of Burgrill’s current financial position and performance? How has the company been managing its finances recently?

Burgrill has been a bootstrapped business since inception and has always believed in ‘Profitability is the supreme criteria for any business’. We are proud to say that we’ve been a positive EBITDA company since its inception. 

Q2: What funding strategies has Burgrill employed so far, and are there any specific plans or milestones regarding seeking additional funding?

This is the first time we are raising funds. Our approach has been to communicate with investors transparently about our financial health, opportunities, and challenges. 

Q3: How does Burgrill plan to utilize any new funding to further enhance its operations and market presence?

The plan is to actually open Company Owned Company Operated stores in cities where we lack presence. We would like to venture into markets like Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru & Hyderabad along with ramping up cities like Delhi NCR and Punjab where we have a strong brand presence.

Also, we would like to deploy some part of the funds to boost our existing supply chain and some part of the fund would be kept for technological enhancements.

Q4: Could you share the key growth strategies that Burgrill has identified for the upcoming quarters or years?

We will be focusing on market expansion, product innovation, digital presence, customer experience, and operational efficiency. One of our growth strategies is to provide a really engaging loyalty program in the upcoming quarter. We also plan to create many more in-store community activities to encourage people to try our food hot and fresh. And our content marketing is only going to get crazier with time while surpassing trends. 

Q5: Are there specific geographic regions or markets that Burgrill is targeting for expansion? What factors contribute to the selection of these locations?

As I mentioned, we would like to venture into tier 1 cities with our flagship stores along with expanding into the tier 2 & 3 markets where there is a lot of potential and very few options for customers. 

Q6: In terms of menu innovation and customer experience, how does Burgrill plan to stay competitive and attract a broader customer base?

We have always been way ahead of the competition in this aspect. We have always thrived to offer distinguished products to our customers and that is the reason they keep on coming back to us. The kind of innovative products we launch, no other competitor in the burger segment is offering. Last quarter we launched 4 premium burgers with chilli oil as the main ingredient which was an overnight success. During the diwali season, we partnered with chef Saransh Goila to introduce our premium range of butter chicken and butter paneer burgers. 

Similarly, we have already planned the new and innovative product range for the next four quarters. 

Q7: How does Burgrill stay updated on industry trends and changes in consumer preferences? How does this information influence the company’s decision-making process?

As much as we like to observe new trends, we are staunch proponents of creating our own trends. We do things in our own way, by which I mean be it our marketing campaigns or our recipes, we follow our individuality and don’t follow trends blindly. In fact, sometimes an ongoing trend informs us of what not to do.

Q8: Considering the competitive landscape, how does Burgrill differentiate itself from other QSR chains, and what unique value proposition does it offer to customers?

Our food, ambiance, content are all targeted towards the Gen-z audience. We differentiate ourselves by being the perfect contender to act as their go-to place. Our unique value proposition is to create a repeat worthy as well as an Insta-worthy experience for our customers.

Technology Integration and Operational Efficiency:

Q9: In the context of technology and digitalization, how is Burgrill incorporating new tools or platforms to enhance its operational efficiency and customer experience?

Right from the supply chain of our raw materials to the placing of an order, and everything in between, is managed with the integration of technology. We have put seamless processes in place to make the lives of our HQ staff and store staff easier. The idea behind automation is that we get more time to focus on what matters truly i.e. customer experience. We use softwares like Rista, Wooqer, Dot Pe, and Rannkly to manage everything. 

Q10: Are there plans to implement new technologies or systems to streamline internal processes, such as ordering, inventory management, or customer engagement?

Honestly, we have robust systems in places for ordering, inventory management, and customer engagement already as listed above. 

Q11: How does Burgrill integrate sustainability and CSR into its business model? Are there any specific initiatives or goals in place?

Sustainability means a lot to us an organization and in an effort to strive for sustainability we plan to make changes to our in-store dining serveware in the upcoming months. CSR is central to us as every winter; we distribute jackets for animals responsibly. This cause has been chosen because of our co-founder, Mr. Rajat Bawa, love for animals. 

Q12: How does Burgrill engage with the local communities in areas where it operates, and are there plans to expand such community-focused initiatives?

We have hosted interesting events like treasure hunts in the past and this quarter we have some really crazy events lined up for our community. We can’t reveal too much about them but all we can say is that people would be having major FOMO if they don’t make it to the events. 

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