Algorithmic Biologics make Genomics affordable eliminating 60 to 90% of library preparation costs

New Delhi (India), February 7: Deeptech startup Algorithmic Biologics (AlgoBio), leveraging advanced algorithms and AI to revolutionize molecular testing efficiency and scale, unveiled the Tapestry platform for next-generation sequencing (NGS) at Genomics India Conference 2024 today. Aligned with the company’s vision of enabling accurate and affordable large-scale molecular testing, Tapestry empowers genomics labs to cut sequencing costs significantly by eliminating 60% to 90% of library preparation costs that is 33%-50% of the total sequencing costs. Founded by Dr Manoj Gopalkrishnan – a multi-disciplinary technologist and professor at IIT Bombay – AlgoBio also announced securing $2.5 million in pre-series A funding led by Bharat innovation Fund (BIF) ventures with participation from existing investor Axilor Ventures.

Proceeds of the fundraise will be used to support the product pipeline, building the sales organization and furthering their international expansion. “Tapestry is providing affordable genomics sequencing for all, in collaboration with leading genomics labs,” said Dr Manoj Gopalkrishnan the founder and CEO of Algorithmic Biologics. “We are very glad to have BIF join us as an investor and to have continued support of Axilor. We are excited to learn from their expertise at helping deeptech companies achieve transformation throughout India as well as internationally.”

“Molecular diagnostics is an indispensable tool in the biotech field, contributing to advancements in healthcare through early disease diagnosis, mass population testing and enabling personalized medicine. We are glad to support AlgoBio in democratizing access to molecular tests through their innovative Tapestry Platform” said Som Pal Choudhury, co-founder and partner at BIF. 

“Our continued investment in AlgoBio aligns with our commitment to support visionary innovators with technology ideas that can reshape industries.” said Nidhi Mathur, Venture Partner at Axilor Ventures. “The company has developed unique algorithmic approaches previously unavailable to the genomics universe allowing them to achieve 10x efficiencies with existing infrastructure.”

AlgoBio has recently partnered with Dhiti Omics Technologies, one of the pioneers of molecular diagnostics services in India to offer ‘Focused Exome Sequencing’ powered by Tapestry.  “Tapestry by AlgoBio isn’t merely a solution; it’s an initiative to lead a future where everyone can access the transformative capabilities of NGS, propelling scientific progress while prioritizing precision. We are thrilled to partner with AlgoBio to bring affordable genomic testing to every deserving patient.”, added Dr Sudha, co-founder and executive director of Dhiti Omics.

Tapestry is a CE certified technology that has been widely spotlighted in international scientific news publications, and clinically validated with reputed research institutes. It was used extensively for affordable Covid testing using RT-PCR. It has since been extended to other molecular tests like NAAT (used for blood testing for HIV, etc), Mass Spectrometry (used for tests like Newborn Screening), and now NGS to enable further applications like rare disease diagnosis, tumor cell sequencing, etc.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) revolutionized biology by enabling fast, accurate DNA/RNA sequencing. This unlocks deep insights into genes, impacting areas like diagnosing rare diseases, studying tumors and investigating cellular biology. Despite being transformative, NGS cost remained a barrier to wider use. At the turn of the century, the first human genome was sequenced at the price tag of $2.7 Billion. Over the next two decades, this price point has come down to 0.00001% of that but it still remains out of reach for most of us. However, recent advancements like compressed sensing technology from AlgoBio are dramatically lowering costs, bringing NGS closer to routine checkups. This shift holds immense potential for personalized medicine and improved healthcare.

About Algorithmic Biologics:

Algorithmic Biologics (AlgoBio) pioneers novel solutions at the frontier of molecular science and computational algorithms. Leveraging its patented Tapestry platform which is based on molecular computing and artificial intelligence (AI), AlgoBio empowers large-scale molecular testing with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy. Tapestry seamlessly integrates with industry-standard NGS workflows significantly reducing time, resource, and cost burdens. Through an innovative information multiplexing platform, Tapestry delivers cost savings of up to 90% in library preparation, a critical bottleneck in NGS pipelines.

Drawing inspiration from data compression techniques, Tapestry “zips” molecular information in the test tube itself leading to dramatic efficiencies in library preparation. AlgoBio’s Tapestry platform represents a paradigm shift in molecular testing by unlocking significant cost efficiencies, democratizing access to sequencing and expanding diagnostic horizons.

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