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BharatBills- The GST Billing Partner of Indian MSME

September 14: You cannot keep time in your fist as it drifts away way quicker than your imagination, remembering the times when GST was introduced. GST was on everyone’s tongue; would it be worth it? Is it a boon? Small businesses were in doubt about adapting to the change.When there were uncertainties about the GST rules and every business was hesitant before creating a single GST bill, 30Days Technologies Pvt Ltd, a small company based out of a small city in North India, observed the need for a simple GST billing software to help MSME adapt to the changes and deal efficiently with the GST billing rules. This was the time when BharatBills was created, a complete made-in-India solution with the sole purpose of making people comfortable with the GST and increasing the use of technology....