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Data Trained announces the launch of its new venture, DT Evolve

Data Trained, a leading EdTech company, has announced the launch of DT Evolve. September 6: DataTrained Education has been carving the way for new-age learning and creating quality professionals since 2012. DT Evolve, an innovative, hands-on and solution-based initiative by Data Trained, is for the development of young as well as experienced professionals who aspire to be great leaders. DT Evolve aims to provide the best solutions for the development of future leaders in the corporate world. DT Evolve has been created to promote and revamp professionals in order for them to enhance and thrive in their careers. DT Evolve is based on the notion of "unlocking the better you," which caters to the fact that everyone wants to become a better version of themselves. This can be achieved by DT Ev...