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KSB Limited registers 26.5 per cent sales growth

New Delhi (India), September 2: KSB Limited, one of leading pumps and Valves manufacturer in India recorded a growth of 26.5% with a sales value of 8,661 Mio. INR on its half yearly sales (Jan to Jun 2022) vis-à-vis 2021 (Jan to Jun 2021).As an experienced pump manufacturer, its product portfolio includes building and industrial technology, water transport, wastewater treatment and power plant processes, agricultural applications, residential application. Owing to the innovative research and development, KSB can meet the most diverse requirements of customers. Benefit from many years of experience and technical expertise as a renowned pump manufacturer.Sales value of 4,484 Mio. INR is achieved for Q2 2022 Achieved ROS of 13.6%for the quarter Sales increased by 26.5%compared to H1...