Author Sandhya S Borkar releases her new book Shree’s Varah, a story depicting love, happiness and hope

September 9: Under the publishing house Clever Fox Publishing, Renowned Author Sandhya S Borkar recently released her new book ‘Shree’s Varah.’ This book is based on the theme of love, happiness, rebuilding faith, hope and belief. This fictional story depicts a story of how the Lord “Shree” shows up at the woman’s door after she rejects the Supreme Power. Life-altering, never-ending twists reflect the highs and lows of existence and the Blessings of the Divine bestowed upon the characters, whose deeds create their Karma.

The story begins with a village celebration where residents and visitors welcome their *Ista Deva* in honor of His return to their hometown after a 12-year absence. The locals are spellbound as “Shree” bestows Blessings upon them in a way they have never experienced. Even though Radhika, the main protagonist, has always walked the road of Dharma, she has now turned her back on this Divine form of Shree because she feels betrayed by her personal losses.

The story unfolds in three parts; the first covers the events leading up to the Shree Mela, and the second discusses the amazing happenings that take place during the Shree Mela. The final stage emphasises routine life after the Shree Mela and upcoming events. Strangers become allies, and how the characters’ lives are intertwined for a New and Better Tomorrow are just a few of the strong themes that underpin the story’s characters. Rights of the Wrongs, being there for one another when they are at their lowest, and love stories strengthen the drama. Even though life can be challenging, it moulds us into the person we become.

About Sandhya S Borkar

Hailing from Mumbai, Sandhya completed her education at St.Theresa Convent, Santacruz and Mithibai College, Vile parle. Her passion for Amar Chitra Katha, Champak, Tin Tin, and the fantastical world of Mills and Boons led her to embrace happy endings and feel-good storytelling. Reading, doodling, and writing short stories sparked the inner writer in her and eventually, she developed an author’s talents. Balancing between his mom’s practicality (a career in banking) and her father’s dreams (Author), Sandhya has incredibly established herself since she started her bank career in 1990. Family drama is the genre always featuring a strong dosage of love, passion, and Karma and rising above it all like a phoenix. The writer steals time from her busy schedule to write to fulfil her soul while also managing the household and her hectic professional life. It would be interesting to read more of her writing in the future while people enjoy her newly released book ‘Shree’s Varah.