Mo-Bi, The Solution To The Global Toilet Paper Shortage And Panic-Buying Phenomenon

September 17: The 2020 COVID-19 emergency triggered a lot of irrational reactions worldwide that ultimately led to the disruption of several economies, especially insofar as commodities are concerned.

In particular, the years 2020 and 2021 saw the spread of the panic-buying phenomenon, fueled by images that went viral on Social Media showing empty store shelves and the crowd rushing in to ransack supermarkets and convenience stores in the attempt to create a personal stockpile at home.

 Toilet paper was one of the most sought-after commodities. According to the sector studies of IRI, a Chicago-based research firm, the demand for paper grew in March 2020, with $1.45 billion in toilet paper sales in 4 weeks time frame, up to 112% more than the same period of 2019.

In the summer of the same year, market researchers registered an upsurge of toilet paper demand, in which 1 out of 2 Americans started stockpiling toilet paper again due to the panic created by the Delta variant. This higher demand caused a chain reaction throughout the entire manufacturing system, and several stores weren’t able to deliver the product.

September 2021, warehouse retail giant Costco told Wall Street analysts that it decided to limit customer purchases of essential items like toilet paper and water. Along the same trail went Sam’s Club a couple of months before.

The images shared on Social Media were one of the main drives to spark the panic-buying rush of people to grab as much toilet paper as possible, fearing that it may soon run out.

In modern society, toilet paper is considered to be a primary symbol of civilization, health, and hygiene, and there seems to be no easy substitute for it. One of the few alternatives is a bidet, a device that can spray water on the body and clean it appropriately. Other options are reusable cloths, sponges, baby wipes, napkins, towels, and washcloths.

 And if, as WHO and other Health organizations keep saying, global pandemics are not so rare an event, and in the near future, we should expect more of them to come, finding a reliable alternative to toilet paper becomes paramount to keep people from panicking. is a platform offering the perfect solution to the threat of toilet paper shortage as well as an eco-sustainable way against paper waste.

The Mobile-Bidet or MoBi is a portable bidet that doesn’t need to be connected to any hydraulic system; in fact, it works thanks to its integrated collectors and dispensers independently.

As described on the website, the MoBi’s body structure hosts three storage tanks: one for the collection of cold water, one for the production of hot water, and one for the collection of wastewater.

How does MoBi work, exactly? The water is taken directly from the storage tanks, mixed and dispensed through a pump system integrated with the tap. The water flowing from the tap is collected in the tub and directed into the wastewater tank via a dedicated hole in the tub.

The water is heated in the storage tank by a heating source that utilizes the same power supply as the water pump – either current, solar energy, or batteries – used to supply water.

The storage tanks can be filled up simultaneously via an inlet accessible from the surface and connected to an internal pumping mechanism for water distribution.

The wastewater tank is emptied through an external drain pump which can be plugged into the external hole. MoBi system can also monitor the filling levels of all tanks. For sanitary and maintenance reasons such as cleaning the tanks and replacement of components, all the structural elements are accessible for easy disassembling, thanks to a device that allows lifting the sitting tub’s lead.

 MoBi is an invention patented by Elyantus and is offering the world an innovative, practical, eco-sustainable and clean alternative to toilet paper. Furthermore, it has several more advantages, as stated on the official website,

– A Mobile Bidet that can be placed virtually anywhere in the bathroom or in the house;

– A mobile device that overcomes the needs for space and a hydraulic system to work;

– The Outdoors version of the bidet (foldable and with retractable wheels, its main features) satisfies the need for a practical way to enjoy nature while keeping high levels of hygiene at the same time.

As it looks like, MoBi may revolutionize the entire approach of body hygiene without changing, but rather adapting to everybody’s need to stay clean and not panicking if the next pandemic will cause a shortage of paper.



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